Wooden furniture restoration:


Past 60 years and beyond, the old nitro paint has numerous cracks; wood color surface fades to grey.

So, it is necessary to renew the wood, to give it the same beauty of the past.

Every manufacturing process is strictly artisanal, without the use of machinery.

All radio parts are disassembled to work on the bare wooden furniture.

The old paint is completely removed, the bare wood sanded with sand-paper, to remove any imperfection.

Below 3 examples of frames ready for dyeing and painting:

Telefunken Concertino
Philips Jupiter
Ingelen 540W

Furnitures after application of a layer of dyeing: for these examples a medium walnut colour (Philips Jupiter uses two colours: top and bottom in walnut,  front and sides in oak).

Then two light coats of lacquer to enhance the texture of the wood.

In the last process the furniture receives 5 coats of transparent nitro paint, to protect the surface of the wood; then final polishing.

Restoration of wooden furniture is completed.

All parts previously disassembled are cleaned and washed before to be assembled on the renewed case.
Below as exemple:

All brass trims, before..
..and after polishing.
Front cloth before and after washing.

Electric Chassis Restoration:


Electric Chassis is cleaned and washed from dust and old dirt.

All moving parts are lubricated and contacts cleaned with anti-oxidation spray.

All bad components as capacitors and resistors out of nominal value, defective or with a voltage leackage are replaced.

All tubes are tested with tube tester and replaced if defective or when electronic emission is lower than correct value.

Magic eye tubes are always replaced.

Circuit is checked  for malfunctions; voltage values on valve pins are checked that correspond to the correct values.

When the operation is stable and radio works normally,

medium frequencies for AM and FM are tuned to obtain maximum sensivity and output power.

After assembling of all parts this is the radio fully restored and working: