How To Assembly Parts:


All fragile parts (dial glass, tubes and knobs) are packaged apart to prevent shipping damages.

Dial glass could be broken due the own weight of the radio if it suffers shocks during shipping;

also tubes are sensitive of vibrations.

The only safe way to protect these parts is to package them apart.

All parts are fitted inside the radio, so remember to remove the rear panel with care.

Please follow this instruction to reassembly the radio; you will need only a screwdriver:


Disconnect speaker wires terminals you see in picture:

Working with the radio in standing position , unscrew 4 or 5 screws on the bottom of the radio.

These screws hold the electric chassis in the wooden case.

Now it is possible to split the electric chassis from wooden case.

The correct way to handle the chassis without damage some component is holding the power transformer with right hand, and the left edge of the chassis with left hand.

Usually there are two support bracket to hold in place the glass. Each one has a screw.

This is the most used configuration.

(Some radio as Telefunken Gavotte and Operette models have 2 screws on each side of the chassis),

but the assembly procedure is the same:

Unscrew and remove these brackets as you see in picture below.

Now insert the glass behind the push button board, inside the seat in the lower part of chassis.

Star with an inclination, then bring the glass closer to its upper seat in the chassis.

Install support brackets previously removed.


Now install knobs.

They have a little screw on side to hold them on their rods.

Now install tubes.

Tube sockets have 9 little holes and a full space.

Tubes have 9 little pins and an empty space.

Insert tubes in place pushing them gently, matching pins with holes.

Now insert the electric chassis in the wooden case.

Use as a visual reference the push button board, to center the chassis in its correct position.

It might be useful to look at the alignment from the top of the radio.

Then install bottom screws and connect spakers wire.

Not so difficult after all!