Packaging Method

It is very important to prepare a good packaging with light and resistant materials, to avoid transport damages.


It is also necessary to pack separately dialglass, tubes and knobs.

In the picture below you can see tubes and knobs wrapped with air bubble sheet, and dialglass wrapped with double wave carboard.

All these parts are fitted and secured firmly inside the radio.


Therefore it is necessary to fill the inner part of the radio with chips for packaging , in order to avoid movements and vibrations of the internal parts…

Then the radio is inserted in the first double wave cardboard box, and the empty spaces are filled with insulating materials, as you can see in pictures below…

(All empty spaces are fulfilled )…

The external double-wave cardboard box is internally lined with 3cm. thickness polystyrene panels, to obtain an anti-shock protection.

Finally the first box is inserted into the second one and the packaging is completed.