Ducretet R4 (2nd Model)

Country:                                         France  

Manufacturer / Brand:              Ducretet (-Thomson; avant: Fernand Ducretet et Ernest Roger etc.); Paris

Year:                                                1932

Valves / Tubes                               4: 35, 27, 47, 80   plus voltage regulator tube

Main principle                             TRF with regeneration

Tuned circuits                               2 AM circuit(s)

Wave bands                                    Broadcast (MW) and Long Wave.

Power type and voltage             Alternating Current supply (AC) / 110 Volt

Loudspeaker                                 Electro Magnetic Dynamic LS (moving-coil with field excitation coil)                         

Material                                          Wooden case (Mahogany)

Shape                                                Tablemodel, high profile

Dimensions (WHD)                     280 x 360 x 215 mm

Notes                                                The R4 receiver is available in two versions:

     1st model with BF connection by resistance-capacity
     2nd model with LF connection by transformer

                                                            The detection is done using a triode 27 (instead of the 24 in the 1st model) 

                                                            while the connection between the detector and the final lamp

                                                            is carried out by a LF transformer.

                                                            The receiver has a 0.65 A, 25/75 V regulator. It is equipped with a Thomson type 45 speaker.           

Price in first year of sale           1’750.00 FRF